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Animal Health Directory

  • DRE Veterinary

    Supplies new and used medical equipment to veterinary hospitals, clinics, university programs and zoos.

    Business Details : 1800 Williamson Court, Louisville, KY 40223
    URL: http://www.dreveterinary.com/ , Email: facebook twitter DRE_Veterinary.html
  • E3 Live for Horses

    A raw product, micro-filtered fresh water blue green algae, with Crystalloid Electrolyte Sea Minerals added. It is the only FRESH FROZEN liquid algae that have been developed for horses, by horse professionals.

    Business Details : 2217 Mulberry Lane, Placerville, CA 95667, USA
    URL: http://www.e3liveforhorses.com/ , Email: facebook twitter E3_Live_for_Horses.html
  • eVeterinary Software

    Provides affordable web-based veterinary practice management solution for clinics, mobile practices as well as small and equine practices.

    Business Details : 828 Franklin St., Suite #207, San Francisco, CA 94102
    URL: http://www.eveterinarysoftware.com/ , Email: facebook twitter eVeterinary_Software.html
  • Exotic Pet Vet

    Online resource, providing wide range of medical information about primates, small animals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish.

    Business Details : 3839 West Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33609
    URL: http://www.exoticpetvet.net/ , Email:webmaster@exoticpetvet.net facebook twitter Exotic_Pet_Vet.html
  • Infovets

    Online source, features health care products for pet and livestock.

    Business Details : 1885 S Hwy 89, Perry, UT 84302
    URL: http://www.infovets.com/ , Email:office@infovets.com facebook twitter Infovets.html
  • Merck Animal Health

    Comprehensive resource dedicated to develop, produce and market innovative vaccine and pharmaceuticals for pets, horses, livestock and aquatic animals.

    Business Details : Postbus 31, 5830 AA Boxmeer, The Netherlands
    URL: http://www.merck-animal-health.com/ , Email: facebook twitter Merck_Animal_Health.html
  • Omega Fields

    Offers flax seed omega-3 supplements for horses, dogs, and chickens.

    Business Details : 3708 Playbird Rd., Sheboygan, WI 53083
    URL: https://www.omegafields.com/ , Email:info@omegafields.com facebook twitter Omega_Fields.html
  • Oxbow Animal Health

    Worldwide supplier of premium nutrition food and supportive care products for small exotic animals.

    Business Details : 29012 Mill Road, Murdock, NE 68407 USA
    URL: http://www.oxbowanimalhealth.com/ , Email:info@oxbowanimalhealth.com facebook twitter Oxbow_Animal_Health.html
  • PetMedOutlet

    Provides discount on pet medication and supplies.

    Business Details :
    URL: http://www.petmedoutlet.com/ , Email:admin@petmedoutlet.com facebook twitter PetMedOutlet.html
  • Sound Diagnostics LLC

    Private veterinary diagnostic laboratory, established in 1996, offers serologic screening for detection of antibodies in small mammals.

    Business Details : 4909 236th Place SE, Woodinville, WA 98072
    URL: http://www.sounddiagnosticsllc.com/ , Email: facebook twitter Sound_Diagnostics_LLC.html