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In today’s world, animation has reached such a level that the gap between real photos or videos and animated ones is quite narrow and will perhaps soon reach a point where the difference is imperceptible. The field of animation is a hot topic today and a large number of individuals are trying to get into this industry. However, the learning curve is steep if one really wishes to be a top-notch animator. The competition in this industry is also fierce.

The Animation Directory will help you find professional animators for your business or personal needs, for one. The Animation Business Directory can also be used to find training classes for animation in general or even for specific aspects of animation, such as 3d rendering. Lastly, budding animators can also use the Animation Web Directory to promote their website or service in order to increase customer footfall and give their newly developed businesses a running start. 

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Polymime Studio are a UK 3D animation company specialising in creating low cost quality 3D animation, 360 video, character animation, visual effects and motion graphics content. Offering 3D medical animation for healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology marketing campaigns.

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5 Glen House, Palmers Lane, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, CM23 3XB, England
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