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Art has always been an alluring proposition for humankind. Throughout the ages, art has been the one thing that has been present, whether it was cave paintings during the Dark Age, the Renaissance paintings or even the modern or contemporary art we see today, all of us can agree that Art is a fundamental part of our very existence as a species. Art History is therefore an interesting topic to study and learn more as we can get to know how Art has evolved throughout the ages.

At the Art History Directory, you will be able to browse about portals that provide virtual art galleries containing various paintings, poetry and other art, look at the art being produced by countries having a wildly different culture, learn about the evolution of art along with the evolution of humankind, the various art styles that were present and so on. The Art History Business Directory will enable you to get in touch with professional artists whose service you can avail. Lastly, the Art History Web Directory can also help promote your website so that you can grow your budding Art History enterprise.

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Virtual art gallery created by Julia Kerr. Displays paintings and poetry of 19th-century artists, poetry, books and forgotten paintings. The site includes online discussion forum.

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A non-profit organization founded in Leiden on 17 November 1999, providing information on both the foundation and its publications as well as other activities.

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Tele2 zakelijk, Wisselwerking 58, 1112XS Diemen, Netherlands

A non commercial website presenting a collection of authentic danced masks from Mexico and Guatemala. Also includes brief discussion on patination techniques, antique masks and insect infestation.

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Toluca Lake, California, 91602, USA

Provides comprehensive information on history web sites and activities. Site created by EdTechTeacher.

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806 West Roxbury Parkway, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

Presents the entire history of humankind, from prehistoric times to the twenty-first century. Includes information on famous artists, art styles, periods, mediums and more.

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prehistoric times

Online dictionary assisting artists, collectors, students and educators with many illustrations, great quotations, pronunciation notes, and links to other resources.

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6254 East Pershing Avenue, Scottsdale, AZ 85254
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