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Books are something that have stood the test of time. Ever since they were first made thousands of years ago on papyrus, technological advances have not snuffed out the feeling that people get when they sit down and read a book. However, technological advancements can help make the process of publishing books easier. Desktop publishing is a field that has seen exponential growth over the past few years. This holds true not just for books but reports and advertising material as well.

At the Desktop Publishing web directory, you can find information about various content from across the globe that has been published using desktop publishing or is available to publish in that format. The Desktop Publishing business directory can also help you find information about professionals who are willing to provide their services in this area. You can contribute to the Desktop Publishing directory by suggesting and submitting websites to be put up so that we emerge as the most trusted and top source of information.

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Non-profit organizations site, helps graphics and publishing professionals with education, technical support, networking and professional development.

Business Details :

P.O. Box 22076, Cleveland, OH 44122

Web site and graphic design resources with online color tools, as well as offers digital photography tips.

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Offers tutorials on design, page layout, use of color, photography, print and web design.

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Located in Orange county, California, specialized in graphic and web design, desktop publishing, image creation and marketing.

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Offering technical assistance for creative publishing online.

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