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Since time immemorial, humans have always been interested in writing their information, whatever it may be, whether general knowledge, personal stories or even important information to be passed down. Books, therefore, were one of the most used type of media to store and maintain information. Even today, though the internet has led us to alternate avenues of storage and information recall, books are still a widely used mechanism for keeping and maintaining information as well as for publishing stories.

At the Books web directory, you can find out about various books that are available about different topics that you may be interested in. The books business directory can be used to find information about professionals and businesses who provide their various services in this sector according to your requirements, whether you need a publisher, a bookkeeping service, a library or anything else. As a user, you can also contribute to the books directory by suggesting and submitting website to be posted in order to make it the top source of information.

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Founded by two young mothers in England in 1992, publishing books for children to encourage discovery, compassion, creativity and global awareness.

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2067 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140
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