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Kindergarten Directory

  • ABC Mouse

    Assisting kids to learn through phonics and teaches lessons in math, social studies, art, music, and much more.

    Business Details : PO Box 230, Glendale, CA 91209, USA
    URL: http://www.abcmouse.com/ , Email:Support@ABCmouse.com facebook twitter ABC_Mouse.html
  • Annenberg Learner

    Official site, allows teachers, students and individuals to access majority of learner materials.

    Business Details : 1301 Pennsylvania Avenue NW #302, Washington, DC 20004
    URL: http://www.learner.org/ , Email:order@learner.org facebook twitter Annenberg_Learner.html
  • EdSource

    Established in 1977, not-profit organization promote thoughtful policy decisions about public school improvement.

    Business Details : 520 San Antonio Rd., Suite 200, Mountain View, CA 94040-1217
    URL: http://www.edsource.org/ , Email:edsource@edsource.org facebook twitter EdSource.html
  • IXL

    Comprehensive math practice site, provides unlimited questions in more than 2,000 topics.

    Business Details : 777 Mariners Island Blvd., Suite 600, San Mateo, CA 94404
    URL: http://www.ixl.com/ , Email:info@ixl.com facebook twitter IXL.html
  • K12

    Largest provider of online education for grades K-12 in United States.

    Business Details : 2300 Corporate Park Drive, Herndon, VA 20171
    URL: http://www.k12.com/ , Email: facebook twitter K12.html
  • Lesson Plans Page

    Official site, developed to support educators by providing ready-to-use lesson plans in classroom, for students in preschool and high school.

    Business Details : Bascom Avenue, Suite 1020, Campbell, CA 95008
    URL: http://www.lessonplanspage.com/ , Email: facebook twitter Lesson_Plans_Page.html
  • Magnet School

    Non-profit educational organization, promotes equity, diversity and academic excellence for all students in public school.

    Business Details : 1012 14 th Street N.W., Suite 203, Washington, D.C. 20005
    URL: http://www.magnet.edu/ , Email: facebook twitter Magnet_School.html
  • Pearson School

    Company focused on creating and publishing educational materials related to maths, sciends, social studies, art, music and more for learners of any age.

    Business Details : K12 Customer Service, P.O. Box 2500, Lebanon, IN 46052
    URL: http://www.pearsonschool.com/ , Email: facebook twitter Pearson_School.html
  • School Center

    Leading provider of K-12 online classroom and learning community management solutions to thousands of schools throughout US.

    Business Details : P.O. Box 06290, Chicago, IL 60606
    URL: http://thinqed.com/ , Email: facebook twitter School_Center.html