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Football is arguably the most popular sport in the world today. What started out as a casual game in England in the 12th century is today a casual as well as competitive professional sport today in most of the countries globally. The stakes are also high when it comes to competitive play in the top echelons of the sport – millions are spent to acquire just one or two players in the top teams.

At the Football web directory, you can find information about the various football leagues that are present globally as well as information about top players of the sport. You can also peruse the football business directory in order to gain information about professionals and organizations such as agents and talent acquisition managers who provide their services according to your very requirements. As a user, you can also contribute to the football directory by suggesting and submitting websites to be posted in order to make it the top source of information.

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Nick named as Crows, located in Adelaide, Australia, is a professional Australian football club which competes in the Australian Football League. Provides the latest news and updates about the football matches taking place in the club. Provides update on match schedules and tickets. Also offers memberships to audiences to view matches and get tickets with certain additional benefits.

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105 West Lakes Boulevard, West Lakes, SA, 5021
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